The Latest Instagram Algorithm Update for 2022

So you’ve started posting on Instagram and you know you should use hashtags, but how? And why? And what is this Instagram algorithm update everyone talks about?

The world of hashtags can be a confusing and daunting place if you don’t understand how they work and have realistic expectations for results from them. That is what I am going to walk you through today in this blog so hashtags can become and accessible and easy part of your social media content routine. 

The latest instagram algorithm update’s effect on hashtags:

For example, with the new Instagram algorithm update, you need at least 10% of your followers to be engaging with your posts for Instagram to even bother boosting it with your hashtags. This doesn’t mean don’t go adding hashtags if you don’t have that follower engagement yet. It just means if you don’t get good follower engagement don’t expect your instagram insights to show impressive hashtag reach!

How many hashtags is the right number of hashtags to use on Instagram?

Instagram used to have a magic number of hashtags you needed to use to optimise your reach potential. We could say, make sure you are using more than 20 hashtags or use exactly 22 hashtags to get the best reach. The latest Instagram algorithm update however has thrown this technique out the window and shifted the importance of hashtags completely.

The good news is: Instagram’s algorithm update is here to help you. If you know how to use it. 

For example, with the latest algorithm update you can now negatively affect your Instagram posts’ reach potential by misusing hashtags. So, the correct use of hashtags is even more vital than ever. 

Now I don’t want to scare you into asking:

This sounds complicated, do I even need hashtags anymore?

Because the answer is yes, you absolutely need to keep using hashtags! 

Hashtags remain a fantastic way to increase your posts organic reach and increase that engagement potential therefore. Instead of using a certain number of hashtags per instagram posts though, you now need to use the right hashtags for your post. Each post you are creating should be unique too so you may find that your chosen hashtags need to shift to match your post’s content every time.

Ok, ok. I know you’re still waiting for the HOW TO of instagram hashtags. It is coming I promise. I just want you to understand the WHY of instagram hashtags first so you get the best bang for buck from the ones you choose. So, without further delay:

Choosing the right Instagram hashtags in 2023

As I discussed above, hashtags need to be relevant to your posts now more than ever. This is because with the latest Instagram algorithm update you will confuse the algorithm if you add unnecessary or unrelated hashtags. The algorithm will notice a lack of engagement in those areas so it will stop delivering. Or, worse yet, it won’t deliver it all if it notices that you have too many conflicting hashtags. 

Basically, you need to keep your hashtag selection on Instagram specific and appropriate. 

For example, my Instagram posts about how to write the best social media posts would include hashtags such as:


Or similar, depending on the hashtag use frequency and relevance to the actual text of my post.

Does the latest Instagram algorithm update make hashtags too hard to get right?

This latest Instagram algorithm update, when utilised correctly will help you boost the reach of your posts. Instagram, will reward you for thinking more about your hashtag selections, instead of using the same bulk lot on every post you share. 

Being more picky will potentially involve spending more time on the app initially. Seeing what hashtags work and what hashtags don’t work for yourself, and for others. And then using those beneficial hashtags, in appropriate posts. 

The more you practice this new hashtag approach, the easier it will become and the more natural it will seem. You will find it is absolutely worthwhile getting the hang of.

If you need some tips on your hashtag usage, or if this all sounds too hard and you want to just pass the responsibility onto someone else. Feel free to get in touch so we can arrange a discovery call to see if the team at Enquire Marketing can help you get your social media marketing back on track.