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Advertising Campaigns - Management and Set Up

Digital advertising can be a confusing process. Where do you spend your money, how much should you spend, and why even bother? That's when you need to come have a chat with us at Enquire Marketing. We want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and achieve the results you are after.

Our paid advertising campaign management packages start at $350 nzd per month excl gst


The aim is to take the stress out of your advertising efforts. We do this by handling your ad accounts, giving you regular feedback on the efforts and keeping you abreast of any changes we make to the plans. 


A good marketing strategy is multi-faceted. Adding in paid advertising to add some extra oomph to your efforts can pay great dividends when combined skillfully with your other marketing efforts. 


First, we have a chat . Tell us all about your business goals, what you are struggling with, and why. We will not shy away from including areas for further improvement Then we will formulate and action a marketing plan (with your approval) to assist you with your business goals. 

Analysis & Optimization

We will give you a monthly report on the progress of your digital advertising profiles. We will not shy away from including areas for further improvement and how we plan to target them. And of course we will outline the successes!

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