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This eBook is your in-depth guide on running Meta (Facebook) ads. It runs you through the Meta Business Suite and Business Manager, the creation of Meta Ads campaigns and maintaining your Meta Ads campaigns once they are up and running. 

  1. Introduction to The Meta Business Suite
  2. Navigating Meta Business Suite
  3. Key Features for Running Ads in Meta Business Suite (ads manager, audience insights, the creative hub and meta business settings). 
  4. Performance Analysis and Reporting in Meta Business Suite (ads reporting).
  5. Creation of Meta Ad Campaigns
  6. Understanding the Platform
  7. Audience Selection (best practices, service vs ecommerce ads, custom audiences)
  8. Copywriting Tips
  9. Image and Video Best Practice
  10. Maintaining Meta Ad Campaigns
  11. A/B Testing
  12. Evaluating Success
  13. Regular Check-ins
  14. The Learning Phase
  15. Wrap-up your learning

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